Madre no hay más que una

There is only one mother

Mother's Day serves to claim that there is only one mother. But all mothers are different!
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Mother's Day serves to claim that there is only one mother. But all mothers are different! Each one has her personality, her style, her way of thinking and doing things...

How is your mother? Funny, hardworking, affectionate, patient...?

It has occurred to us to make a small selection of types of mother and for each of them we will give you an idea to give her on her day: the perfect jewel for every mother. Which is yours? Surely you identify several features among them.

Or we do the other way around. What jewel do you think he would like the most? A maxi ring or some natural stone earrings? A silver bangle or an initial dangling with a thin chain? Here are our proposals:


Lover of new technologies and open-minded, she loves to be surprised.


Follower of the latest news, trends and colors, she always is in fashion.


Always in shape, with a strength that leads her to overcome any challenge, she prioritizes comfort above all else.


Inspired and inspiring, they create with their hands everything they propose.


Calm and loving, her specialty is knowing how to listen.


Always cheerful and jovial, she lives life in colors and her smile is contagious.


Dreamy and bohemian in style, her look conveys peace and love.


Nature lover, you will always see her surrounded by flowers and vegetation.


With a unique and timeless style, elegance is your inseparable companion.

We hope we have helped you with some inspiration for a well-deserved gift.

These are our favorite mothers... but there are many more, even mixtures of all of them. Our little tribute to them, that although they are not perfect... for us... they are UNIQUE !

Happy Mother's Day!!

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