JOY te llena de alegría

JOY fills you with joy

JOY means happiness, smiles, light and color...
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JOY means happiness, smiles, light and color. And we like the play on words relating all these concepts with the spanish word JOYA (which means JEWEL) and naming our new collection that way.

Cheerful jewelry in polished sterling silver with 5 brilliant-cut natural stones carefully chosen for their 5 magnificent colors.




Dark red : GARNET




The importance of creating with natural stones is always an added value in jewelry and for us also as a relevant aspect when designing.

Natural stones have a soul, their compositions, colors and properties are unique.

These 5 stones are set in the Russian way, giving the precise touch of color to a collection of simple but versatile and elegant pieces.

A natural style like the stones themselves, but with a fine and sober finish. You do not need anything else. Because happiness is contagious: that's JOY.

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