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What is rhodium?

There are many advantages to buying Rhodium-plated silver jewelry: it improves quality, appearance, finish and durability. What more could you want?
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What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a metal from the platinum family. It is one of the rarest, scarcest, and most expensive metals in the world.

It stands out for its high hardness and resistance and, like palladium or platinum, it does not oxidize, which is why it is widely used in high-quality jewelry.

We often find it ias a plating on another metal, such as silver or white gold. It is unlikely to find pieces created solely in rhodium because its price would be very high.

To make the plating, electrolysis by immersion is used, which achieves that a thin layer of Rhodium adheres to the base metal in a uniform way.

This type of finish protects and beautifies the jewel: it improves its colour, presence and shine.

In addition to its qualities and, taking into account that Rhodium is much more expensive than silver, gold or even platinum, we can say that a jewel to which a Rhodium bath has been applied increases its value.

The main attributes of Rhodium and that make it essential in jewelry are:

  • It gives the jewel a metallic color and much more shine. In addition, since it does not oxidize, it prevents the darkening of the silver.
  • Its hardness and resistance make your jewelery more resistant to blows, scratches and wear caused by use.

There are many advantages of buying rhodium-plated silver jewelry: it improves quality, appearance, finish and durability. What more could you want?

At Argent Basic we know from experience, and can guarantee, that rhodium-plated jewelry improves its appearance and long-term durability. For this reason, many years ago we opted for this finish on ALL our silver pieces: we achieve a spectacular shine, the surface does not darken over time and it is more resistant to blows from use.

We also use black rhodium, which gives the jewel a very original and sophisticated dark gray tone, resulting in spectacular pieces such as the Magma ring:

So, choosing rhodium-plated silver jewelry for everyday wear is the best option if you want them to be always perfect and last much longer.

However, like all jewelry, rhodium-plated silver jewelry also needs maintenance. Very soon we will give you some tips on cleaning and maintaining silver jewelry in our next post. Follow us on the networks and we will keep you informed!

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