Tipos de cierres de pendientes

Types of earring closures

Today we dedicate this post to an unseen but very important part of the earring: the clasps that go with them.

Earrings are one of the jewels that are most worn today and an essential complement to any look. In our online store you will find many types of silver earrings of different sizes, materials and styles: button earrings, hoops, elongated, large, mini, with colored stones, with different finishes...

But today we dedicate this post to a part of the earring that cannot be seen, but is of great importance: the closures that accompany them.

The type of closure sometimes depends directly on the design of the earring and other times we can decide which one to put among the different variants.

When choosing them, it will depend on the ear of each one and the use you want to give to the earring. We will help you to know different closures, so that you make the right choice. Let's go there!


It is a butterfly-shaped piece that snaps onto the stud behind the lobe and secures it to the ear.

It is the most common closure, recommended especially if you change them often. Ideal for small or mini button earrings, although it can also be used in other types of earrings such as hoops and elongated ones.

There are versions of this closure that incorporate some type of pendant element that decorates and complements the rest of the earring.


It consists of half a ball that is screwed to the bolt and it does not protrude.

It is a variant of the pressure closure, normally used in children's jewelry for greater security, since it avoids discomfort and remains practically fixed.

It is also used in piercings to avoid having to remove them to sleep and to make them reversible and safer. 


This closure has a stud that goes through the ear and has a mechanism similar to the letter omega of the Greek alphabet that exerts some pressure on the lobe so that the earring is fixed.

It is associated with classic earrings, but it is the best closure for large and heavy earrings, which also need more support. 


Selene earrings with omega closure

Anemone Earrings

A variant similar to the omega closure is the Catalan closure, which is a mix between an omega closure and a hook closure. It consists of a lever on one side that snaps into a hole on the other side. Widely used in classic "you and me" earrings.


It is a closure similar to the Catalan closure but specific for hoop earrings. The stud goes through the ear and snaps shut making a "click" fitting it into a gap between two temples. They are very easy to put on and also very secure.


It consists of a simple hook that goes through the ear hole and is supported by the weight of the earring itself. If you are afraid of losing them, there are invisible silicone stops to secure them or there are earring versions with some kind of beautifying stop that prevents you from losing them.


This hook is passed through the ear and closed, providing more security than the hippie closure. For elongated earrings with dangling motifs.


It is the most common in hoop earrings. It consists of a small arched bar that fits perfectly with the other part of the ring, which is hollow. It is often not easy to put on, but it is practically fixed and invisible.

Now that you know everything about the different types of earring closures, you are ready to take a look at our EARRINGS section of our online store.

You will find unique, mini, daring, minimalist or more classic designs, but all made of rhodium-plated sterling silver and... with all kinds of clasps!

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