Limpieza de joyas de plata

Silver jewelry cleaning

Cómo limpiar las joyas de plata siempre ha sido una de las cosas que mas dudas generan y más nos preguntan...
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How to clean silver jewelry has always been one of the things that generates the most doubts and that everyone asks us the most.

To know how to clean it correctly, first of all we must make sure of the quality and official status of the silver jewel.

Any silver jewelry has to go through an Official Precious Metal Contrasting Laboratory that certifies that the silver is 925 (92.5% pure silver alloy). The best way to do this is to purchase the jewelry from a trusted manufacturer.

From Argent Basic and as manufacturers with more than 20 years of experience, we have 3 basic premises to maintain jewelry properly:

1 - Clean with water and neutral soap

With soap and water there is always a friction that, in the long run, could deteriorate the piece. For this reason, it must be done only when necessary, very gently, rinsing with clean water and finally drying well with a soft cotton cloth, especially before storing them.

We want to emphasize that jewelry with details of pearls, precious or semi-precious stones should be cleaned with much greater care and, when in doubt, consult your trusted jeweler.

2- Store them separately in a closed jewelry box without humidity

So that your jewelry is always perfect, we want to pay special attention to the way you store it. We recommend always storing them without mixing them in a jewelry box, protected from moisture and dust, preferably separately in hermetically sealed bags.



3 - Do not apply chemical products or cosmetics directly on the jewels

Another aspect to highlight is the importance of not using perfumes, creams, hydroalcoholic gels or other chemical substances such as cleaning products or disinfectants on jewelry, since they can often be too aggressive and can spoil the pieces or damage their appearance.

In any case, all Argent Basic silver jewelry has a Rhodium plating so that the silver does not oxidize and darken, as well as to keep its shine much longer. This way you don't have to clean your jewelry so often and you can always wear it perfect!

Still don't know what Rhodium is? Well, in our blog you will find the post What is rhodium? with everything you need to know!


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